Thursday, February 24, 2011

hair hair hair

hello anyone out there...

Wow i've been MIA for almost half a year! I'm still active in my makeup, just not in this blog =/ bad bad

anywayz, just wanted to update on a haircourse i did back in january i think, with one of the pioneer makeup artist/hairstylist Heri. It was awesome, i learn sooo much of little tricks that makes a BIIG difference. And thank god the bestfriend was in town so she could be my hair model. Here are some of the pics of hair styles we learned in class.

Thats it, just wanted to share this with you guys. It was sooo fun and tiring i wanna do more hair! I need to buy that fake head model so i can practice different hairstyles but i'm kind of terrified of that thing being around my house haha.
Sorry for the long silence, i've been suuuper busy with uni stuff, assignments, presentations, group work =/ but I am still in business, so dont be shy to email me =D
Talk soon <3

** special thanks to the bestfriend for putting up with all the hair teasing, pulling and tugging <333