Monday, April 30, 2012


Hey lovelies,

Yayy peeja tied the knot! Saturday morning was peeja's nikah day. Finallyy we get to know who is the mysterious mr.dotdot! I was shocked when i found out few months back haha. I'm so happy to be apart of the wedding. The nikah was held at the masjid super close to her house and my old house too, btw we were neighbors she lives a street next to mine.

The nikah went well, uncle bob (peeja's dad) cried while about to nikah kan and i got teary eyed too soo sad and sweet even when my sisters got married i didnt cry haha. Alhamdullilah the nikah went smoothly and she looked so ayuu wearing white. My sister Tessa, did her baju nikah.

On to the pics..



aww so sweeet <3
Congrats Peeja!  thanks for hiring me to do your makeup on your special day.

Anyone interested in doing baju tunang, nikah, reception or bead works can contact me or my sister Tessa at  :)

I'll update on her reception tomorrow, till then lovelies.