Monday, December 12, 2011

Maria El(ena)

Happy Monday everyone! I should be studying for my finals but knowing me i always find something to distract myself. But atleast this is productive.. i'm updating my blog =D

This was on Saturday, the decorations of her engagement were suuuuper sweet and simple. Love it!

She wanted a super simple makeup, that's just how she is a very simple person.. she didnt even want lashes!

Congrats again to you Ena, soo happy he put a riing on it! haha loveee


  1. cantik. serius cantik... make up dan tuan badan dua2 cantik

  2. congrats u sbb buat maria elena semakin awesome dgn ur skills!!!

  3. sangat suka "no make up look" yg u apply on all brides.
    sgt2 suka!!
    good job dear.. :)