Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hunny Madu Out there Music Video Shoot

Hello my lovelies,

I'm super excited bout this one cuz it was my first time doing makeup for a music video! I actually just came back from it, and i know if i don't blog about it now i wont do it until 2-3 months time. Pemalas.

I didn't take as many pics as I should, i'm so horrible with cameras i'll carry it around with me but never take pics!

So back to the make up, she wanted a cat eye look, so instead of doing the normal black cat eye, i did it with purples and blues. And omg her hair! Sooo degil, we curled it like 3 times and almost finished up a can of hair spray yet it goes back to straight within minutes! so frustrating.. but enough talk here's some pics.

First two pics stole from ena's and hunny's tweet.

Thanks Ena for letting me use your room to do her makeup! Oh yeah the video was shot at her place :)

I should be sleeping now, tomorrow is Day 2 of the shooting. Goodnitee <333

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  1. cantiksss! can't wait to see the mv :) comel je ramvut degil xnak curly2