Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hey everyone =D

Just wanted to get some feed back from anyone who's willing to give me some.. bout my banner. I dont know, i haven't slept for almost 2 days, and i made that banner this morning so I just wanna find out what you guys think.

Is it like waay in your face? weird? ugly?

I really liked it this morning, but now not so much haha maybe i'll like it again tomorrow who knows..

Mk thats all, thanks! : )


  1. banner tu yg kt atas skali tu ke? i personally think besar sgt. tp agak kiut.

  2. The skin colour is too dull, should make it darker, caramel-mocha like. Then the eyes will stand out, biattchh!! haha

  3. honest ek baby! its cute but not flattering. da writing's cool though! why don't you use an actual face, yours maybe, then photoshop it. (just a thought) the idea's cool already!

  4. hmm yeahh good idea actually thanks ena!

  5. the freaking grey background....godddd do something bout it!!!!!!