Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hunny Madu Out there Music Video Shoot (Day 2)

So back with Day 2 shooting of Hunny's music video. She wanted a more simple look, so i just played with neutral colours and kept it matte.

We went to several locations, all outdoors but the weather was kind to us. Lately the weather is soo nice, not too hot and breezy.

It was an amazing experience, and a good way to end the year. I'd like to wish Merry Christmas to those celebrating and Happy New Year!


  1. cantek! :) suka cara u makeup,not too much..nampak natural beauty seseorang tu..

  2. cantik la... emmm, so I dh jumpe calon2 mak andam yg sebenar for my wedding soon... my mom hate guy yg makeupkn pengantin... great, keep up the good work...

  3. aww thanks for the compliment ladies :)

    @miss anne - i try not to do makeup tebal2 sebab i pun tak suka pakai foundation or makeup extreme haha

    @nur ezzah - thanks ezzah hopefully i get to work with you on your big day :)