Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cutt that crease

Wow its been 4 months since i updated... Truthfully i haven't been inspired much but last week I had a few makeup gigs and it made me miss makeup. And I realize i've never had someone made me up. It must be nice the feeling of having someone make you up haha weird. Oh wait I did once at Sephora ages ago... it was horrible my whole eyes were full of glitters and nothing else. I guess she thought I was a kid, and liked glitters all over my face.. I was fourteen.

This look was inspired by a picture i saw in a blog but i forgot to save the pic =/ damn it, if I come across it again i'll post it up here. Sorry for the shit quality video.. I used my webcam.. Till then : )

BLACK&WHITE cut crease

Products Used

Primer - Too faced shadow insurance
White eyeliner - Maybelline
Black&White e/s - Sleek (Acid)
White shimmery pigment - Coastal Scent
Brown & Off white e/s - Coastal Scent 28 Pallete
Black gel eyeliner - Maybelline

MAC Cheerie


  1. can i pull off this look?? i will look garang kann....neway, it's niceeeeeee